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How Wikipedia can help your business or non-profit.

I love wikipedia and usually I’m looking up who was the drummer for Velvet Underground in ‘71, or how many episodes of Handmaid’s Tale were made for season three.

But most people don’t know that there are some great benefits to registering your business or non-profit with Wikipedia. Not the least of which is a bump in SEO or search engine rankings on Google. It is a little known fact that Wikipedia is one of the best third-party sources for ranking on page one of Google.

Having a presence on Wikipedia also lends legitimacy to both new businesses and non-profits. Customers or donors will often search for an entity before donating or doing business and you can think of it as another channel for brand awareness.

All of these things combined make the effort worthwhile, because it will give your organization a boost in online visibility.

Registering is fairly painless. Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Wikipedia account creation page.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Create the page.
  4. Provide citations.
  5. Submit the page for review.
  6. Update it as often as you can.

A little bit of work up-front can go a long way to both lending your business or org credibility and enhancing your SEO scores, and beefing up brand visibility.